The Set Art installation at 740 Heinz Avenue

Berkeley, California
Oil on canvas 21'9"x14' 2015

Special thanks to
Final Frame for the video.


"Haku Lei" is a section of the installation called "The Lei Maker". The Lei Maker is 28- 5'x7' oils on panels that were installed at the Honolulu International Airport. This video shows Kristie in the studio creating Haku Lei with her daughter Sophia.

This video was filmed in 2013 by Ena Media.


Contemporary Art Talk Story with Tiffany DeEtte Shafto

Discover how Kristie went from closing up her art studio to creating major works for the Honolulu International Airport and more.

UHC Urban Housing Development

The Riverside Apartments UHC Urban Housing Mission and Riverside Apartments in Hilo, Hawaii along the #Wailuku River.

20- 16'x8 murals

2012 Interview

Interview with Tracy Larrua at the Naniloa Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii.